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Indian Safaris

The Indian subcontinent still harbours pockets of blissfully iconic wilderness, providing safe haven for the largest wild population of Bengal tigers in Asia. The importance of protecting and saving this most impactful of species in a sustainable way is rooted in well-managed, low impact eco-tourism ventures. The land under which the tiger still prowls today also supports other endangered populations of Indian wild dog, Asiatic leopard and sloth bear, all keystone species benefitting from the presence of high-end, low impact lodges.

From walking safaris in the pristine tiger landscape of Satpura National Park to the wonderfully photogenic reserves of Bandavgarh and Kanha, the central Indian Sal forests and open plains make for a beautiful Indian safari backdrop whether on an elephant or a jeep. In the reserves’ surroundings the tribal peoples have retained their authenticity, and the incredibly charming scenes of village life around the wildlife reserves are enchanting to watch. Stylish safari-style lodges in Jungle Book settings are tastefully constructed to mimic the local architecture.

The ability do walking and cycling safaris in the private lands around the tiger reserves, as well as jeep safaris, differentiates a tailor-made Indian journey. We explore the local people’s villages and listen to their interesting stories of tiger encounters. India’s wildlife areas can be complemented by some superb high-end converted palaces in the temple areas, as well as flying up to Bhutan for some beautiful high altitude hiking.

Adding on a remoter island in the Maldives is a lovely way to wash away the dust of central India, making for a rewarding and interesting safari plus beach combination.

JPS’s collection of private journeys represents our recommendations for some of the best ways to experience the varied regions of India and the subcontinent. Our India travel experts can tailor-make you a luxury India trip, covering the diverse topographical variations of the subcontinent - from the mountainous landscapes, sun-drenched beaches to tropical jungles, India is a land of overwhelming the senses.


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