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Luxury Safaris in The Polar Regions

The Polar Regions offer clients a fantastic opportunity to view truly wild animal populations in a real, uninterrupted wilderness. There are few more exhilarating experiences on Earth than tracking polar bears on foot with experienced guides, or flying to an Emperor Penguin colony which only gets visited by a privileged handful of guests each year.

Added to the splendour of the wilderness around the polar circles is the opportunity to experience the northern or southern lights, cosmic particles drawn in by electromagnetic pulses, creating an ethereal beauty that complements the wilderness.

The Arctic regions, covered with the eternal ebb and flow of the ice sheet, upon which polar bears hunt for seals around the coasts of Svalbard, Greenland and Baffin Island, can be accessed both by expedition cruise as well as land based fly-ins. In North America, some of the largest polar bear populations move south over the permafrost lands surrounding Hudson Bay, waiting for the big freeze in November. Flying in to this epic wilderness and seeing the sheer size of the landscape is awe-inspiring.

The Antarctic’s sheer majesty and beauty of landscape, with its ice bergs and giant mountains can be accessed by an expedition cruise, where smaller boats are deployed to get closer to the wildlife. But for a completely exclusive trip, why not fly in to a luxury camp on the landmass itself and explore unclimbed peaks with expert guides?

You can even follow in the path of the great explorers such as Scott and Shackleton on an expedition or research cruise, or fly over the wilderness of Baffin Island in a hot air balloon. We can tailor-make any of the above ideas for you and have holiday itineraries that other clients have loved that are intended to provide you with a starting point. All itineraries can be reworked with alternative accommodation and experiences.













Constant backup with consultant

Continuous consultancy whilst planning your trip

Over a decade of experience in 
high-end trip planning and exploration


Really get to know what makes clients tick to make a good trip a great one

Handpicked by our trip planners as the best in-country

Offer an in-depth and 360 degree experience of their respective countries and ecosystems


All our trip planners have lived and explored extensively in their dedicated regions

The same trip planner will manage your trip account from beginning to end

Efficient planning of logistics within time and budget constraints


Your entire itinerary is designed around your personal requirements

Explore your specific interests at your own pace. Select your preferred genre of camps, lodges and experiences

Create the perfect trip with the help of our trip planners


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