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Namibia Itinerary Namibia Itinerary Namibia Itinerary Namibia Itinerary Namibia Itinerary Namibia Itinerary


Namibia Suggested Itinerary

DAY 1-3

Little Kulala is located in the Auab River Bed, in the sublime dune belt region with views over the famous red sands of Sossusvlei. The area is a photographer’s dream with the stunning light playing and dancing with the continuously changing colours. This luxurious desert retreat is situated in the 37,000-hectare Kulala Reserve. The roof terrace is the perfect place from which to enjoy the starry skies, whilst your private plunge pool is a fantastic vantage point from which to gaze over the magnificent red sands. The camp’s design takes its contemporary inspiration from the clean white palette of nearby Dead Vlei.

Little Kulala

DAY 3-5

Boulders Camp has one of the most beautiful locations on the African continent, sitting next to enormous rocky outcrops (known as kopje’s), overlooking wonderfully expansive grasslands dotted with oryx and ostrich. This region was featured in the BBC ‘Africa’ series with Sir David Attenborough. The programme highlighted the Namib’s bizarre fairy circles, the formation of which remains a baffling mystery. Sleeping a maximum of eight guests in four spacious tents, Boulders is undoubtedly the most exclusive camp in the Namibrand. Sundowners can be enjoyed from the top of a mountainous rocky outcrop, delivering epic views of the vast beauty of the surroundings.

wolwedans boulders camp

DAY 5-8

Seeing these incredible landscapes from the air is undeniably one of Africa’s best experiences.
The exclusivity of the guiding is underlined by the fact that you will be looked after by one of the Schoemans brothers, who run the operation and whose expert knowledge on the geography of the region is unsurpassed.
Look down over herds of oryx bounding over the vegetated sand dunes and desert-adapted lions wandering for hundreds of miles in search of prey. This iconic landscape was recently featured in the BBC’s incredible ‘Africa’ documentary, narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

skeleton coast

DAY 8-11

Serra Cafema straddles the Angolan border along the Kunene River, a snaking flow of water which glides between the golden dunes and remote mountains.
This is one of the most remote and surreal destinations in Africa. The approach to the lodge is along a raised wooden walkway, towards a spectacular Ozonganda (main area) overlooking the powerful Kunene channel and Angolan frontier beyond; a delightful dining area nestled under shady Albida trees. The gurgling waters in front of camp provide a refreshing contrast after a day of exploring one of the driest, most starkly beautiful regions on earth. An oasis of luxury in the middle of a wild desert, the couture cuisine and sumptuous furnishings are of the highest standards.

serra cafema camp

DAY 11-14

Set against a backdrop of layered hills and flowing desert grasslands, there is a Jurassic Park feeling to Desert Rhino Camp. Tracking the last free-ranging black rhino population in Africa with an expert guide is an exhilarating experience, and offers an increasingly rare opportunity in Africa to see, hear and get to know a truly wild species in its undisturbed habitat. Desert Rhino Camp operates as a joint operation between Save the Rhino Trust and Wilderness Safaris. The Save the rhino trust has helped to double the number of black rhino in the area since the 80’s.

The dining and lounge area of the camp features panoramic views of the surrounding Etendeka Mountains, and the sunset can be enjoyed around the fire pit with a glass of fine wine in hand.

desert rhino

DAY 14-17

Ongava Lodge is beautifully perched on a craggy hill overlooking a productive waterhole for game-viewing, enjoyed right from the lodge’s dining veranda.

This private concession on the southern end of Etosha National Park hosts excellent game densities including lion, leopard, wildebeest, zebra and both black and white rhino.

Private veranda’s in each of the rooms look out over the reserve and the hazy Etosha plains beyond. The characteristic wildlife of the area can be seen from a hide next to the waterhole, and the Ongava Reserve is explored by both day and night game-drive activities. Photographic opportunities in both the private Ongava Reserve as well as the Etosha National Park are superb, with the crisp, clear light dancing off the animals.

We highly recommend tracking the white rhino on foot in the Ongava Concession.

ongava lodge






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